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You can count on me when you are accused of a crime. I have a nearly 100% referral-based practice at the Gani Law Firm. I do everything I can to preserve your freedom, or to represent your loved one who is charged with a criminal defense in Greater Lansing and throughout the state. I don’t judge you. I defend you.

DWLS – Driving While License Suspended is a serious matter. Not only is it a crime, you face the risk of losing all of your no-fault insurance benefits if injured.

Sex crimes – Sex crimes charges pose a serious threat to your reputation. A conviction can alter your life by forcing you to register as a sex offender from 10 years to life.

Domestic violence – If you are charged with domestic violence, you need an attorney with extensive legal experience because the consequences can be life-altering. Sometimes a spiteful spouse fabricates domestic violence charges as part of a custody battle, and this could result in losing contact with your children. If there are multiple charges, you need a legal professional like myself who is experienced with complicated defense strategies.

Legal Advice With Realistic Expectations, Working for Positive Results

When you call me, you are seeking answers to questions like, “Can I refuse a Breathalyzer® test in Michigan?” And I have the answers.
Michigan has implied consent, meaning that if you refuse to take this test, you may face even more charges. Penalties for less than a 0.8 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) depend on whether you are younger than age 21. Since every situation and person is different, I tailor your defense to your individual circumstance.

I may take into account several aspects of your case, including:
  • Your age
  • The circumstances of your arrest
  • If this is your first charge or a repeat offense
  • If you are facing multiple charges
  • The possibility for rehabilitation
  • Material evidence and witness testimony
  • Special circumstances
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 We all make mistakes. Sometimes people are wrongfully accused. Every case is my most important case.
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