Skillful Representation for a Felony Charge

When I started the practice of law in 1987, I dedicated myself to helping defendants accused of crimes. Many defendants do not understand or appreciate their constitutional rights. I have the experience, commitment, and connections to represent you aggressively.
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Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime is a serious matter with potentially severe consequences. I will protect your rights and defend you. I can assist you in all areas, including: 
  • Assault: You were charged with threatening to physically attack or harm another person or physically assaulted another.
  • Battery: You were charged with making physical contact with another person that was offensive or caused harm.
  • Vehicular assault: You were charged with assaulting or threatening someone with a motor vehicle , such as a truck, motorcycle, or car and harmed that person.
  • Robbery: You were charged with taking unwanted possession of an object that belonged to anther person, while in that person’s immediate presence.
  • Larceny: You were charged with intentionally and unlawfully taking something that belonged to another person.
  • Illegal gun possession: You were charged with owning or possessing a firearm while unlicensed or while otherwise legally disallowed from having a weapon. The use of a firearm in a violent crime, such as drug-trafficking, can lead to enhanced penalties.
  • Manslaughter: You were charged with causing the death of another through reckless or careless behavior.
  • Murder: You were charged with killing another intentionally. Murder may be classified as either first-degree or second-degree. First-degree murder is often distinguished from second-degree by the premeditated nature of the act. If you carefully planned the murder, you can be convicted of first-degree. If the crime as a spontaneous act of passion, you’ll be more likely to face a second-degree charge.
  • White-collar crime: You were charged with committing the crime of money laundering, forfeiture, counterfeiting, or some other form of fraudulent activity. 
I have experience handling state and federal charges, and will work diligently to protect your constitutional rights. Contact Law Office of G. Sal Gani P.C. today!
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Sentencing depends on whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony. A judge sentences you once you have pleaded guilty or a jury finds you guilty. The Court can sentence you immediately or hold a sentencing hearing. 

You will be required to participate with the probation department to have a pre-sentence interview and sentence recommendation.
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