Liquor License

Obtain or Safeguard Your Liquor License

Common Code Violations:
Some of the most common violations include: 
  • Selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor (MCL 436.1701)
  • Selling alcohol without a license (MCL 436.1901)
  • Allowing a person under 18 years to work at an establishment that sells liquor (MCL 436.07(6))
  • A licensee being convicted of a felony (R 436.1011(2))
  • Selling or consuming alcohol on the premises after a license suspension (R 436.1031)
  • Obstructing a law officer (R 436.1011(4))
  • Allowing employees to become intoxicated with alcohol on the premises (MCL 436.1701(3)) 
If you received a violation, suspension, or a revocation, I can help you fight to protect your liquor license.

Fines for Common Violations

If you sold alcohol to a minor, the commissioner can fine you as much as $1,000 and suspend or even revoke your license depending on your history. If you served alcohol to a person who is intoxicated, some of the same sanctions can apply. You need to know your rights.

Loss of a Liquor License

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission can suspend or revoke your liquor license for many reasons, such as: 
  • Repeated violations
  • You are convicted of a felony
  • You have failed to pay your license renewal or to pay fines or penalties
  • The local authorities received numerous complaints about your establishment 
If your license application is denied, I can assist you with an appeal hearing before the MLCC. The appeal must generally be filed within 20 days of the denial letter being served. You must act quickly and make this request in writing to the MLCC.
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I can help you develop a battle plan to protect your license and to work through an appeal – and I can protect you from criminal liability. The loss of a liquor license can mean thousands of dollars to your business. 

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