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Reliable Real Estate Attorney

No matter what issue you are facing with real estate, you need a qualified real estate attorney to assist you.
I have handled a variety of residential and commercial real estate issues. Some of the matters I can assist you with include:
  • Disputes with neighbors, landlords, or tenants
  • Disputes over real estate contracts
  • Environmental contamination for residential or commercial property
Real estate

Michigan Attorney Assists With Your Real Estate Matters

Whether you're a homeowner in Grand Rapids or Holt facing the threat of foreclosure or a commercial land developer in DeWitt who needs help scuttling a deal or renegotiating lease agreements, you need a credible, qualified Michigan real estate attorney to guide you. 

For more than two and a half decades at Law Office of G. Sal Gani P.C., I have assisted clients like you with sensitive, complex real estate matters. I provide real estate services to developers, homeowners, commercial investors, landlords, and tenants. Call me today!

Common Residential and Commercial Real Estate Issues in Michigan

With 30 years of experience, I have handled a variety of residential and commercial real estate disputes. Some of the matters I can assist you with include:
  • Disputes with neighbors: Real estate fights among neighbors can turn nasty and costly. The awkward placement of a fence, an ordinance violation, or other dispute can lead to litigation, as can allegations that a neighbor allowed waste to seep into a mutual aquifer. The nature of the dispute determines the remedy. In some cases, a simple mediated discussion may be enough to fix the issue. In other cases, more aggressive tactics, including litigation may be required.
  • Disputes over real estate contracts: Investors and landlords need legal help to resolve disputes with vendors, partners, suppliers, previous landholders, and insurance companies. A vendor's failure to make good on a construction contract, for instance, can lead to massive delays and cost the developer millions of dollars. An attorney may be able to renegotiate the terms of the contract or mediate a resolution. In other cases, a commercial contract dispute leads to litigation.
  • Environmental contamination: If you pollute a property -- or even purchase property that has old sources of pollution on it -- both federal and Michigan law may require you to clean it up. To resolve such a dispute, the property owner can comply with the remediation instructions, challenge the government's case or take the matter to court to try to hold another party (such as the original polluter) responsible for cleanup costs.
At Law Office of G. Sal Gani P.C., I am fully equipped to assist you with these types of disputes and administrative matters. Whatever issues you are facing, I can be of assistance.
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