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Criminal law

Felony Charge of Projecting a Missile

Case: Yes, you did read it correctly. Client charged with projecting a missile in East Lansing for throwing a bagel in the air. Yes, I did say bagel. The client was charged with throwing a bagel. There is a city ordinance the makes throwing anything to be classified as a missile. At this event hundreds of students were throwing bagels after a game.

Result: Plea to simple disorderly person for being disruptive with a monetary fine. One can see how maybe the bagel, if toasted, might somehow land and hit an innocent person in the eye. There were hundreds of bagels in the air at the same time thrown by dozens of students. 

My client was an excellent student with a promising career in finance. Can you imagine his prospects if any person interviewing him learned he had a conviction for projecting a missile while in college? Not a person in the world would believe him if he tried to explain his situation. Would you? We do what is best for the client in every case. We never make the decision for the client to take or reject a deal. We only give our opinion based on an analysis of our ability to defend.

Assault With Dangerous Weapon

Case: Woman charged with "assault with a dangerous weapon" alleging she stabbed her boyfriend with a sharp object while he was sleeping.

Result: After about ten minutes of cross examination of the alleged victim, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.

Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

Case: A woman was charged with a 10-year Felony of attempting to strangle her husband during an argument.

Result: After review of the evidence and pointing out some of the obvious defenses, we were able to obtain a dismissal of the 10-year felony in exchange for a plea bargain to a 93-day misdemeanor with no jail.

Felony Obscene Conduct

Case: Client was charged with a felony for obscene conduct being caught in a parked car in an area away from the general public and being amorous in the car with a friend. There was no physical act in progress, but parts of the body were visible if you were standing next to the car being nosy. You can fill in the blanks with your imagination.

Results: If convicted of the offense it is a five, yes a five-year felony. We obtained a plea to simple disorderly conduct. No jail and a monetary fine.

Operating While Intoxicated

Case: Client charged with OWI. He was sitting in his car with the motor running passed out from over-consumption of liquor. His blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit at 22.

Result: Complete dismissal of the OWI and alcohol offense in exchange for a plea to disorderly person, a 90-day misdemeanor. Even though he was intoxicated sitting in his car with the motor running, case law supports the defense and argument that there was no operation of the vehicle so long as the vehicle was parked safely within the requirements of the law.

Operating While Intoxicated

Case: Client was stopped in East Lansing for OWI after being stopped for speeding. The officer stated he failed all the field sobriety tests on the roadside.

Result: Complete dismissal of all alcohol-related offenses in consideration for a plea to Reckless Driving. The driver was on target to graduate that semester into a career where he would never be hired with such a conviction. We were able to demonstrate that the police officer may not have administered the sobriety tests and the client might not have actually failed the test. This called into question whether there was actually probable cause.

Operating While Intoxicated

Case: Client stopped after running a red light. Officer stated he smelled alcohol and performed sobriety tests. The client failed and blew above the legal limit. Arrested for OWI and issued ticket for running red light.

Result: Complete dismissal of all alcohol related charges in consideration for plea to careless driving. His rights were violated because the police held him for a longer period than allowed while conduction sobriety tests on the road side. Client also was observed for a period of time on video without swaying, leaning, or inability to stand still without stumbling. The officer noted that while performing the tests the driver could not stand without swaying due to being intoxicated. However, while standing still waiting for the officer to do administrative tasks, the driver stood flawlessly for more than seven minutes without any signs of inability to balance himself.

Federal Felony - Illegal Dispensing of Narcotics - Money Laundering - Tax Violations - Fraud - Commit and Aid Felony Acts

Case: Client charged with multiple felony charges, with threat of additional serious felony charges.

Result: Case resolved to two minor felony charges with agreed-upon sentence deal avoiding the potential for prison sentence where the maximum could be 20 years.

Shoplifting-Second Offense

Case: Client was charged with shoplifting from Meijer for the second time in two years. There was a factual dispute as to whether or not there was a crime or a misunderstanding from the security personnel.

Result: We were able to obtain a complete dismissal of all charges in exchange for the client agreeing to take a class on the economic repercussions of theft from businesses. While the client maintained that they did nothing wrong, they felt accepting the deal we negotiated was in their best interest as Trial is all or nothing. In the end, the client has no conviction, spent a few bucks, and learned a valuable lesson that things can often appear to be something they are not. The deal was welcomed by our client.

Violation of EBT/Food Stamp Rules

Case: Client charged with violation of federal rules and procedures by not having sufficient quantity of milk and cheese on shelf during a sting operation. Really, the government actually has nothing better to do than have federal agents seeking out stores to make sure a store has the minimum amount of inventory of designated products on the shelf. The law requires there be at least five gallons of three types of milk for sale in order to comply with federal rules if the store owner accepts EBT card sales.

Result: We obtained a complete dismissal of all charges. The store owner did purchase the minimum amount of inventory of each product to meet legal requirements. Logic dictates that when you sell the inventory you have less than the minimum amount until you re-order. To meet the government’s interpretation of the rules, a store owner would have to order double the minimum amount so that when the inventory was sold it would still have the requisite minimum amount of inventory on the shelf - thus having it all spoil, losing the inventory, and costing the store owner more in losses than it could ever profit from selling the minimum inventory. Luckily, the federal prosecutor assigned to the file agreed with our interpretation. I have unlimited respect for prosecutors who rationally approach facts of a case and do the right thing.

Felony Drunk Driving

Case: Client charged with felony drunk driving for his third OWI charge in a lifetime. He was stopped driving with a blood alcohol level of almost three times the legal limit. By statute, he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and not be eligible for a driver’s license for at least five years.

Result: Negotiated a deal where he eventually wound up with a misdemeanor conviction, no prison time, and due to negotiation and hard work, he was able to obtain a drivers license through the Court in less than a year. There are special provisions that allow a defendant to be accepted into a special program to have charges reduced and become eligible for a special drivers license even though the Secretary of State would object to issuance of a license.

Driving While Driver's License Is Suspended

Case: Client charged with Driving While License Suspended. Client had a job and children to feed. Was it wrong? Yes. Was there a solution? Yes.

Result: We were able to clear up fines due and obtain reinstatement of driving privileges prior to Trial on the current charge. We then obtained a deal where she accepted responsibility to a civil infraction of Impeding Traffic, paid an enhanced fine, and had the criminal charges dismissed so she could continue on with her life, drive to work, and provide care for her children.

Felony Possession of Counterfeit Products

Case: Client charged with felony possession of counterfeit Detroit baseball caps. It is a felony to possess and sell counterfeit products, even if you do not know they are counterfeit.

Results: We negotiated a reduction to a simple misdemeanor with no jail and only a small money fine.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree

Case: Client charged with a 15-year felony for an alleged sexual act with a minor female. The defendant was also not an adult but was alleged to have forced the other person to engage in a certain act. The defendant denied it occurred as alleged. A conviction would have resulted in registration on the sex offender registry for a very long time. The result of having to register is devastating to a person for years to follow. Imagine engaging in consensual conduct, and as a result you are subject to becoming unemployable, and every place you live for years to come, your neighbors protest or make comments to you about moving out of the neighborhood because they do not want you in their community.

Result: We obtained a plea to a high court misdemeanor without any registration on the sex offender registry.

Felony - Stealing Prescription Medication While on Duty

Case: Client charged with a felony for allegedly stealing drugs from the drug cart to patients.

Result: We negotiated a plea to simple misdemeanor of being disorderly by speaking loud enough to be annoying to the public. While the client maintained they had no involvement in any theft and should not have to be responsible for anything, there are times when the deal is so good that you should not refuse it. When you are facing Trial, it is all or nothing. If you win you have no conviction. If you lose you wind up with a theft felony conviction and face prison. Your future is destroyed as it would become almost impossible to obtain a decent job as a felon. Your career in the nursing filed would be destroyed forever.

Even though the prosecutor claimed to have a confession, the statement was subject to interpretation and the officer embellished on what they thought the statement to be. In actuality, the statement was what it purported to be, a true explanation of the circumstances at hand. The resolution was more than acceptable to the client. The client can still move on in their chosen career without ramification of the risks of proceeding to Trial.

Possession of Marijuana - Two Counts

Case: Client was charged with selling marijuana to undercover police officers. He was set up by officers presenting as nerds looking for drugs.

Result: A special diversion program where if client successfully completed probation and attended counseling on drug addiction, the charges would be dismissed. Happy to say the client did so well on probation, he was discharged early and has no public criminal conviction.

Felony Resisting and Obstructing Arrest - Assault of Police Officer OWI - Refusal to Submit to Breathalyzer Test

Case: Client was stopped for driving in wrong lane. He was unable to perform roadside sobriety tests and was taken to hospital for a blood draw. They claimed he refused a lawful command to sit still for the blood draw, hit the officer, and resisted arrest. He maintained he resisted because the officers were hurting him while they were trying to get him to comply with their requests to submit to a blood draw. While we must respect our officers, we must also respect the rights of an accused.

Result: All felony and assault charges dismissed. Client accepted a plea to the single charge of OWI as the evidence was overwhelming on this charge. While there was a bit of room to defend the OWI charge, the risks were substantial that we would not be successful, and that the risk of a felony conviction would be devastating to his career. A more than fair result based on the charges.
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